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Our capital city population is booming but the supply side not so much

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has recently released demographic data at a capital city level to June 2013.  We have previously covered the population data on this blog however, when the data is paired with dwelling approvals data over the same period there are some very interesting findings. Over the 12 months to June 2013, [...]

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Are first home buyers willing to sacrifice lifestyle for housing?

Last year (according to the RP Data-Rismark Home Value Index), capital city home values rose by 9.8%, creating further affordability pressures for those segments of the market who are most price sensitive; the younger aged cohorts and first time buyers.  Our daily index data shows that home values have continued their strong pace of growth [...]

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Inflation is surprisingly strong and home values (adjusted for inflation) are still below their previous peak

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) released the Consumer Price Index results for the December 2013 quarter earlier today.  The December results provide a timely summary of consumer price rises up to the end of last year. Headline inflation was recorded at 0.8% over the final quarter of the year and was 2.7% over the [...]

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Housing demand increases to highest level since September 2009

Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) earlier this week showed that the national population increased by 407,027 persons over the 12 months to June 2013 to reach an estimated 23,130,931 persons.  The increase in new residents equates to a growth rate of 1.79% over the year making it the greatest annual increase [...]

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Value growth more moderate in current growth phase, however the potential downside risks may be greater

The current value growth phase across Australia’s combined capital cities is nowhere near as strong as other growth phases over recent times.  Although home values are rising, they are doing so at a much more moderate pace than during previous growth phases.  Home values are higher now than they have been in the past however, [...]

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Where would you buy if you were a first home buyer looking for a house?

The other day someone asked me if I was a first home buyer where would I choose to buy?  It’s a tough question, particularly if I was looking to buy my first home in Sydney where the median house price is now just over $700,000.  Casting my mind back to 2002 when my wife and [...]

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McMansions continue to be built despite the high cost of land, particularly in New South Wales

Data released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics earlier this week showed that the average size of Australian homes has started to trend lower over recent years. We discuss the broad trends in the week’s RP Data Property Pulse (available to RP Data subscribers) however; there are some surprising results at an individual state level. [...]

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Where to find the most affordable housing using RP Data’s Spring Buyer’s Guide

RP Data latest Spring Buyer’s Guide was released this week, providing an overview of key housing market statistics for every suburb that has recorded at least ten house or units sales over the past year nationally.  The full report including suburb and council level tables is available for download at One of the interesting [...]

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Housing affordability affecting new home buyers and low income earners the most

 The Australian Bureau of Statistics this week released a fascinating set of data; Housing Occupancy and Costs, 2011-12 (see the release here).  The release provides a very thorough overview about housing costs across different regions and age groups, income levels, tenure types and a wide range of other factors. The average (mean) cost of housing [...]

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The average capital city home owner is almost $30,000 better off since Australia’s housing market started to recover in June last year.

Over the past five years to July 2013 dwelling values across Australia’s capital cities have increased by 14.8%.  That’s interesting information, but for a lot of people it actually doesn’t mean much at all.  A percentage shift doesn’t provide a great deal of context about the raw magnitude of the change.  Home owners are more interested in how [...]

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